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Did you know that #crazytown is the name of our RV. 

yep! all the “pros” name their RV. So, duh! We named ours CrazyTown. 

Now we can officially say we live in Crazy Town! 

ha ha ha. 

Now that you are here….. Let me introduce myself quickly and tell you what all is about to happen in this space.

My name is Jami J. Miller. I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Health Practitioner, also formerly a gym owner for 20 years (we just sold it). 

My husband (also former gym owner) and I sold our home, our business, decided to buy an RV and a huge truck ALL in 48 hours! We, along with our two daughters and two dogs will be traveling the nation for 1 year so I can help more women, road school my kids and experience more life than ever before. 

Kinda makes sense that we call our RV #CrazyTown now? 

This blog will serve many purposes. The top 3 are: 

  • Update on all our adventures
  • Provide no hype information on all aspects of the health trifecta – Mind, Body, Soul
  • Empower you to live your best life and provide resources on how  to make that happen

Either way – it will not disappoint and I promise I have zero desire to email you more than once every week or two. It just isn’t my style.

If you want to get the actual email updates – you can get them here. The emails will always go out before the blog post will publish.

Also, we will be starting a YouTube channel soon. We will keep you posted via the email list on that.

I am looking forward to taking you on this journey with us. 

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For the women who are interested in my Fierce Female Academy that is launching this year  – you can join my private facebook group HERE. This academy will be a coached academy that will help you get your prescription-free health (body), mind and spirit back on track and the energy to accomplish the goals you truly want out of your life. #noholdingbackanymore 

Let’s do this! 

Jami J. Miller, FDN-P 

I am not a licensed physician or medical professional. This group/document/course is informational only. Please read full disclaimer