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I know it has been a little longer than normal for this email……

uhm wait, I don’t have a “normal” anymore!

So, if you are here following us (written by me – Jami J. Miller) then I hope you already have taken any expectations that I will be well mannered and organized and predictable and throw them right out the window.

I promise you won’t regret it!


There is A LOT to tell.

That said, I am not a long-winded story teller – so there is that!

NOW – Let’s get to the update.

We were supposed to leave on the 24th! That is what MY expectations were. AND they quickly got tossed out the window due to things I could not control.

 Imagine that.

I wanted EVERY LITTLE THING to be {{{{perfect}}}}}} before we left and it just did not happen. SO, I said screw it and we left on Tuesday the 27th. I know we are not in a hurry but going nowhere was really starting to wear down my positive juju. The few days before we left were the hardest it had  been to stay positive and not second guess myself for this decision. My mother’s driveway was getting way too “cozy” and that can be a HUGE problem when you are trying to make changes that continually require “un-cozy-like” feels.

Ya feel me?

So, even though the weather conditions were not ideal and we still were expecting things to come in the mail that we needed. – we jumped anyway.

** point here- things will never be perfect, jump anyway.

We had a few errands to run in town so we hooked up to CrazyTown and off we went. I took errands such as running to the bank and the shipping place for granted for sure. When you are a pulling a 44 ft massive RV you cannot get to these places easily. You have to walk A LOT.

Then we had to dump the tanks and eat….. It seems wrong to put those two things in the same sentence. Blech!

Finally, we were on the actual interstate by 2:30pm. Way later than we planned.

You can read about our first 40 miles here– and make sure you are following me on Facebook for the daily stuff. It is safe to say it took us a REALLY long time to get the dogs situated for the travel. Normally this wouldn’t be the case but it was just too hot for them to be anywhere but inside the cab of the truck.

(As stated in the very descriptive post – we tried everything)

We stopped and ate at a place called the Smokey Pokey near Stillwater. We stopped there because the girls couldn’t stop laughing when they said Smokey Pokey. This means 5-star rating in my book. The food was good and the pickles were REALLY REALLY sour.

We got back on the road and decided to stop in Wichita instead of Salina (Kansas).  Jeff does not like to drive at night much and……. CAN YOU BELIEVE …. I am not “allowed” to drive this situation. And by “allow” I mean, I cannot be trusted not to damage a living creature or physical object!

Whatever. Moving on.

We found a Cracker Barrel to stay for the night

Side note: Jasmyn innocently calls it “Crack-Ho Barrow”……. Y’all I really try to raise these humans the best I can!

A little RV info- just in case you wanna know – Some large chain restaurants or businesses such as Walmart/Cracker Barrel will allow you to “boondock” in their parking lot overnight.  Now, you can’t wear out your welcome and you have to ask for permission because not all will allow it.

We found this Cracker Barrel in Wichita    around 10 pm and while Jeff was trying to maneuver through the parking lot, he almost hits a HUGE rock (see picture)!

Uhm What the ever lovin hell!

Can you believe I kept my mouth shut as he was trying to back up and get away from it?


Yeeeeeee of little faith!

We finally got parked and we begin a partial setup of Crazytown. Parking lot camping means you are still hooked up to the truck and you try to level the RV from there and then we let out the slides and camp with the generator on for electricity. We have water to use from the tank as well.

So we let out the slides and begin moving things around to prepare for sleep.

Whelp the air conditioners  were not coming on and the refrigerator was dead. Mind you, it was full of food!

Jeff tried everything to figure what was going on. Thankfully it was the coolest night they had in Wichita all summer so the a/c issue was not that big of deal.

That fridge tho.

That was a BIG problem. All our food would ruin and we had big plans to boondock many places in the future so we had to figure out the problem.

Jeff finally figured out that the inverter blew up.

On night one.


Since it was too late to call anyone, we settled in and tried to get some sleep.

In a parking lot.

Yea, it was weird.

Jeff slept in street clothes in case somebody shined a light in our window. Ya know, like a police officer or a creepy creeper.

Not me, I would have went to jail in my undies! I was so exhausted.

We got a little sleep and Jeff woke up the next morning and he heard this weird sound…… It sounded like water but it was dumping on the RV every few seconds. He quickly figured out that the Cracker Barrel sprinkler system  was shooting  water in the back window right were Jaz was sleeping! WITH THE WINDOWS OPEN.

She didn’t even wake up! (this kid!)

He quickly shut the windows and cleaned up the mess. (YEP – she slept through it all)

THEN- we were getting ready to eat and I walked into the master bedroom and notice the screen on the window was smoking!

So I scream at Jaycee to go get Jeff and I am trying to figure out what in the world is happening! I thought maybe someone tossed a cigarette ash on our screen window or something.

CMON that is logical!!!!

Jeff finally gets in there (I swear he was in no hurry to save us from a fire)!

I then see that the sun is reflecting off my makeup mirror that is sitting in the window and that is causing the screen to smoke!

HOLY SMOKES (pun intended)

I had no idea this was even a thing!

Don’t Judge- I wasn’t in boy scouts! I had no idea you could start a fire with a magnifying glass and the sun!

Thankfully there was no damage!

After that very traumatic moment, we went and ate breakfast and laughed about our first night!

From there, after we put our food in an ice chest, we began the quest of finding the part we needed. Jeff was getting the run around on the phone so – in all my glory – I jumped in. Call after call and nothing.  Not only did they not have the part- if they ordered it it would take 3 weeks with warranty

I suggested we go (in person) to the only place that said they “might” have the part and if they don’t we will just move on to another city.

We ended up at Gander RV! This was a brand new place and the service area wasn’t even stocked or set up to serve. This is also where we met KIM! Oh Kim! We love Kim! We spent 3 hours here working with Kim to figure out all our options to get this part fast and get back on the road. Since this place was new it was a wide open concrete floor and the girls and the dogs were given the freedom to run and act a fool while we adults try to figure this out.

After realizing we were not going to get the part that day or next we decided to find an RV park to stay till we knew more. We went and set up Crazytown while Kim made more calls, we fed the kids and we went back to see what progress had been made. Somehow Kim was able to get the part overnighted!

Which was a huge blessing because that just doesn’t happen with warranty parts.

But wait…. Then UPS mis-delivered the package!

No! Im.not.joking.

I just cant even!

And that is where I will end this email! Stay tuned!

To be continued……….

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Talk soon!

Jami J. Miller, FDN




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