Travel - #3 Old dog, New Tricks | Jami J. Miller, FDN-P

and I am not talking about Jeff! ?

We are still not gone. ?

OH stop it!

WE swear we are not pranking ya’ll about this trip! HAH!



In Oklahoma, they do not get in a hurry for many things and that includes closing on real estate. We FINALLY closed on our building on Monday. THEN there is the residual paperwork to complete and then we have some last-minute doctor appointments to take care of. I will talk about what we will do about healthcare on the road in a different email but let’s just say we need to get allllll the checkups in before we hit the road. 

FYI! Jeff’s heart checkup was ALL clear. Seriously! We girls can’t be stuck out in the wilderness and him go down. Can you all seriously see me trying to drive this situation? ?

Let’s talk about a fun subject- THE DOGS!



SO, as you know, if you have dogs, they all have unique personalities.

Strong, our male Anatole Shepard rescue, is scared of everything. Read that again …… e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  It took us an hour to get him to just go up the steps into the RV.


Moana, our female Weimreiner mix rescue, is the true definition of a B****. I’m just say’n. She is very protective of the girls and she is quite stubborn. Aw…. Who does this remind you of?


We purchased the toy hauler style RV because of the dogs. Technically they can ride in the garage section of the RV while in transport and be just fine.

  • AS LONG AS: It’s not too hot, It’s not too cold, and It’s not too long. I am feeling a little Goldilocks and the 3 Bears here.

The other struggle is we can’t see them back there and we just don’t like that. Things shift in travel.

Ya feel me?

So, first we had to get them used to a crate. #Good grief!

Then, we set the crates in the back of the truck and we had to get them used to being in a crate IN the back of the truck.

Then we had to get them used to being in a crate, in the back of the truck and the truck moving.  

NOW we have to get them used to the crate, in the back of the truck, hook up this big RV in the hitch right next to them and drive.  


It’s a process yawl.

They have done really well and they really love being in the back of the truck with the fresh air.

For all parties concerned…….

  • Jeff will a have mesh-y material on the top of the crates to protect them from the sun
  • We have room in the cab of the truck for both dogs if it is WAY too hot, WAY too cold, or raining.
  • We can always put them in the RV garage if it is a shorter travel day.  


Life is all about figuring stuff out. Period. If you stop having the desire to try to figure out new things and ways to expand, you will stay the same. Life has TOO much to offer to do that.

If you have traveled in an RV with dogs and you have suggestions or helpful feedback, just hit reply. I’m here for constructive feedback. 

We will be releasing the YouTube channel in a few weeks with footage from our first adventure. I will let you know here. This email will be the detailed info from our journey and it will be a mix of site seeing, health, and mindset all in one. 

If you want to follow the random day to day stuff you can do so at the links below. We will keep it real (for really real) (no excuses real) but we will always find the silver lining and/or way to expand for the better.

CrazyTown Party of 6, 

Jami, Jeff, Jaycee, Jaz, Strong, Moana


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