Travel - #2 "You are still here?" | Jami J. Miller, FDN-P

“Just leave already!”

haha…. chill Velma, we are trying! 

That said, we are still in my moms driveway!  I know right? There is a lot that goes into selling all the things, closing a business (our local gym), and preparing for a life on the road for a year. Until you go through it all – ya just don’t know what you just don’t know.

So for those that are wondering what all you need to do to be prepared for a a very NON-vacation longterm trip, here are some things we have done and are still doing. Keep in mind, our journey and situation is unique to us. There are 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs to consider here. 

Our process has looked like this so far:

  • Sold properties. For us, this was a business property and our home. We were able to sell both without a realtor within 48 hours. (it was crazy!) and not at all planned!
  • We started  looking at the size of RV that we would need/want. This is crucial in deciding how big of tow vehicle you need.
  • Research and Purchase Tow vehicle – we purchased this first. We wanted to make sure we were ready to pull the RV once we purchased it.
  • Purchase RV – this was, by far, was the hardest decision. There are so many options. We went with a toy hauler because we wanted a place for both the girls and the dogs that was versatile. Plus, we loved the gated deck off the back. I will post pictures and video soon.

We purchased these two things (truck and RV) before we closed on our home. One mistake that we were warned about is if you close on your home before you purchase your RV it might be harder to get really good financing. Of course, you can just pay for your RV out right and that is your choice. We try to use financing when it makes good money sense. Yes, sometimes it makes sense to finance.  

Don’t be haten’ Dave Ramsey.

  • We began selling everything in our home . We wanted to store as little as possible. We know people that have stored all their things and rented out their home for the time they chose to be on the road. That is not what went down for us. You have to decide what will work best for you.
  • After we closed on our home, we moved the RV to my mom’s driveway. We still had another month till we closed on our business property. This turned out to be a really good decision. This gave us plenty of time to work out the kinks of living in a new place. I am very thankful we could stay at my mom’s. If that wasn’t available we would have just set up at a local RV site for a month.
  • While parked in the driveway, we closed the doors on our training facility, cleaned out the building and closed the deal. This meant more stuff to sell and store. Yeeesh.
  • During all of this, I set up online bank accounts that were needed, handled last minute dentist, eye and other DR appointments, got the dogs up to date on all their shots, switched mailing addresses, made sure our living will was up to date, and spent much time with accounting professionals to make sure we had all things in a row. mmmhmmmm travel ain’t free folks and there were many ducks to line up.

This part can be daunting and exhausting so I recommend you hire people to help you check all the boxes.

A few questions people have asked us the most so far

How do you get your mail?

There are two ways to do this if you have sold your home and do not have a permanent residence. There is a special organization that you can sign up/pay for and they will provide you with legit mailing address. They will receive your mail and they will ship it to you wherever you are located in the USA. We found this fascinating. However, we felt this was better for people who plan on doing this RV thing for way longer than a year and that wasn’t us. So, we asked my mom if she would be our “mail base” and she can just ship it out once a month to wherever we are stationed. That is the option we chose. J So much of our mail is electronic/paperless now- so that also makes it way easier.

What about internet?

We purchased an unlimited hot spot. IF that doesn’t work we can stop at coffee shops or public libraries and use the wifi there. This was a huge factor to get figured out since I work with so many clients virtually. 

What about school for the girls?

Again – more options. There is public school online, home-schooling, road-schooling and even Unschooling. Soak all that in! You have to do your research. We never wanted to be homeschool parents and our kids have had good public school experiences so we figured it would be less stressful on all to just do public school online for this year. It is the same as public school on site, except you login, you have more freedom with the hours and you get done a lot faster every day. Both my girls have an amazing online teacher and they get to both have the same one. Only drawback – state testing! We will have to be back in Oklahoma for state testing at the end of the school year.

Can your dogs/kids ride in the RV while you are pulling it?

Passengers are permitted to ride in a fifth wheel in some states as long as the passenger can communicate with driver and an exit can be opened from both interior and exterior. Safety glass in windows is also required. Which we have all those. That said, we will NOT be letting the girls ride back there. They will ride in the pull vehicle with us. The dogs may ride in the trailer but if the weather is extreme they will ride with us in the truck as well. Safety first. 

What made you decide to do this?

This answer deserves it’s own post. In fact this will be our first video we will post on our YouTube channel. That is all coming up.  


Massive changes require massive action. We TOTALLY understand that your “dream” may not involve selling all the things and hitting the road in an RV (hint: it wasn’t our dream either) BUT so many of you DO have a dream and so many are just sitting and waiting for your dream to just show up on its own or worse, you don’t have the courage to follow it. 

We hope that our journey inspires you to take massive actions to go after the things you want – no matter how old you are, how crazy your dream is or what season of life you are in. 


Stay tuned! We are just getting started. 

Have more questions? post in the comments below. 

Talk soon!

Jami J. Miller, FDN-P 


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