Travel - #5 Nebraska, corn for days | Jami J. Miller, FDN-P

UPS mis-delivered the package!

Oh yes they did!


We ain’t in OHIO. We are in KANSAS folks!

When I got the call that not only was the package STILL in Ohio, but that we would not get it till TUESDAY due to the Labor Day Holiday, I was beyond mad. We were in the process of checking out of the RV site at that exact moment and now we were being told it would be 3 more days!

All my positive mindset was gone and now insert toddler-like reaction here.

Hey I do not claim to be perfect!

I walked out of our RV and took a LOOOOOOONG WALK to cool down. I called my best friend in California. She is definitely my safe space to vent and she won’t take anything I say or do personal. We all need a friend like her!

Apparently, I was gone longer than I thought because when I got back the RV WAS GONE!

OHHHHHHHHHH NO HE DIDN’t . Jeff done lost his mind.

So I called him to find out that he was at the RV site office – checking out.

In my most-sweetest voice ever, I let him know he clearly left his senses somewhere on the interstate.

I walked up to the RV site office and after a blissful conversation with this man that I married, we decided what to do. Or maybe I decided what to do. I don’t remember

I am giggling now

But I wasn’t then!

We drove, RV in tow, up to the service center to find Kim (<3 Kim!). At this point I am in mega-pout mode and its best that Jeff handle any interaction with humans on our behalf.

I know my weaknesses!

He found Kim and she promised she would do everything in her power to mail us the RV part to Nebraska and Jeff could install it there. This would allow us to get back on the road and not have to give up our reservations.

******RV’ers sidenote : You have to make reservations to many of the sites and you have to do them in advance. During the busy seasons and holidays, you lose your spot quick and many times you can lose $. That said, most places have availability and are very lenient. This site we were headed to was a busy one, so changing our reservation would not be ideal.

So we got back on the road with great faith that Kim would indeed mail us the part to Nebraska once she received it on Tuesday. This would make us need to stay in Nebraska a few more days than we had planned BUT at least we would be at a beautiful location with plenty for the girls to do and experience and I could get some work done.


Always look for the wins my friends. There is always a win somewhere.

We knew we would have to boondock 2 nights on the way to Lake Mconaughy, Nebraska and that would be challenging without the converter (the part we are waiting on) but we were willing to take that risk.

It worked out!

We boondocked at a rest stop in Norton, Kansas and it was PERFECT. We had the entire place to ourselves. The dogs could run off their leashes and the weather was beautiful.

The next day we loaded up again and headed to Nebraska. We contemplated boondocking in a Walmart parking lot but ——— ugh.

So Jeff found Lake Johnson, which is about 2 hours away from Lake McConaughy (where we have reservations) . It had a power source which helps us since we don’t have a converter (YET).

The girls played in the sand and swam in the lake and the dogs saw and swam in the lake for the first time. Well Strong did not actually swim but he did get in the water.

Funny dog story: Strong saw a sea-doo for the first time skirting across the water and he literally went chasing after it. I don’t know if he thought it was a cat (we were so far from it on land) or what. All I know is he about yanked my arm off trying to  chase this sea-doo across the water!

That evening we sat outside and Jasmyn blessed us with ghost stories. Holding a flashlight to her face she would say “dun dun dun” every three seconds and try to come up with the scariest things she could think of.  We laughed until we cried.

As suspected, she gave herself bad dreams and ended up in bed with us! I knew that was gonna happen. It’s like sleeping with a wild animal!

If you have ever seen that movie The Croods. The baby girl in that movie is Jasmyn! Hands down!

We will head to Lake McConaughy today and hope and pray we can get our part. The girls also start school tomorrow. So there will be lots to tell in the next email.

The next stop after that???

It’s a surprise.

Thank you for all the email responses. For those that don’t know me well yet, please understand that I am laughing at us and want you to laugh with us. Most of my wit is sarcastic and I hope it brings a smile to your face or resonates with you in some way. I enjoy hearing that it does.

Talk soon!

CrazyTown Party of 6,

Jami, Jeff, Jaycee, Jaz, Strong, Moana


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