Travel - #6..... $5.93 | Jami J. Miller, FDN-P

Finally Made it to Lake McConaughy.

First off – how do YOU pronounce McConaughy???

I NEEEEED to know!

Jeff pronounces it like the name Mathew Mcon-no-heyyyyy.

Which is wrong.

And you must agree with me

It just the right thing to do.

Secondly, Lake McConaughy is beautiful. That said, it was way out in the middle of nowhere, the wifi was so bad, there were stickers in the grass (dogs were not happy), and one of the days the flies nearly killed us.  We had one day out of the 3 that was really amazing. The girls swam and played in the sand and the dogs ran wild. We had the beach all to ourselves – so that was a major plus.


The girls also started their first day of online school. It went well and they seem to really like the cirriculum. 

Yet, we were really ready to get out of Nebraska and the gajillion (made up word that means a whole helluva lot) miles of corn land. No offense if there are any Nebraskins on this list.

At this point we were STILL waiting on word that our part would be shipped to us at the lake.

Guess what?


They decided- now that we were already gone- that they could not ship it to us and Jeff could not install it or it would void the warranty. SO they would have to ship it to another dealer and then we would have to go to that dealer and have it installed.

I can’t even type that without rolling my eyes multiple times.

After frustrating deliberation (again), they said they could ship it to Rapids City South Dakota and we could go there and have it installed at a Camping World.


But nooooooooooow we had to wait for them to actually ship the part and then make arrangements for us to get it installed.

More phone tag and still no shipped part.

And at this we were set to leave the very next day to Rapid city.

The frustration was boiling in this small RV and between the attack flies and no internet – this gurl was about “handle this myself”

Which means something irrational like burn the RV to the ground.

With fear in his eyes, Jeff knew I was done, he began researching more about the part. Things were just not adding up.

With his head lamp and tools he discovered a fuse that was blown that led to the inverter (the part we were waiting on).

Uhm….. say what?

A fuse.

Something we could buy at O’reilly’s for $5.93 and install ourselves.

And NONE of the technicians caught this.

I don’t know if I should be pissed or relieved at this point. All stores were closed by the time he found this VERY important FUSE that cost $5.93…… yep- you are hearing me right now. So we would have to wait till morning to get one to make sure we were actually right.

 Just so we are clear, I don’t blame Jeff….. he is not a RV tech.

We woke up the next morning and we drove to the nearest O’reilly’s and picked up this fuse for $5.93 and drove back out to the children of the corn fields (hah) and he installed it.

Magically the refrigerator came on while we were not hooked up to the site’s electrical source!


We decided to consider it a celebration, instead of dwell on the obvious,, and move on down the road.

We set out to make it to Rapid City South Dakota by the end of the day. We decided to still go to Rapid City because we needed to do a few things in the city before we went back into hill country.

This was our longest travel day so far.

Yet, the dogs and kids really handled it like champs.

Me tho……?  (we can talk about that another time)

We arrived in Rapid City, South Dakota by 8:30 pm and we boondocked in a Cabela’s parking lot.

Yes. Yes we did.

So now I can officially say that I have spent the night at Cracker Barrel and Cabela’s!

I know, right?

We woke up and researched what RV site we wanted to go to, bought groceries and headed to the chosen place.

WOW – South Dakota is amazing. The trees are amazing. The weather is amazing and the site we picked has a really wonderful host.


Wait for it …….


Be still my heart!

This means I can finish the sign-up portion of my Fierce Female Health Challenge that will start September 16th (details go out tomorrow in my private group), I can get this email out to you and we can do some video editing for the YouTube channel and actually launch it.

Ohhhhhhh I smell Progress!!! This makes me oh so happy!

The next email I will tell you all about South Dakota and get into some of the questions you all have emailed me.

Remember you can hit reply and ask questions anytime.

Question: “How did you guys pick which route you would take or where you are going?”

We honestly just decided to chase the weather. Somewhere cooler. Anywhere cooler. Somewhere that was Non-hurricane/tornado season nor in a drought. Then we decided there were a few vacation-y “need-to-see” spots like Mt. Rushmore. Yellowstone, Glacier Park etc that we wanted to check off the list. We have a loosely crafted national route we are following but we are also open to change. We should cover most of the western side of USA by April 2020.

As far as what RV site or location that we stay at – we are totally winging it. We really have to see what is available and if reservations are needed.  Thankfully there is a whole tribe of people that have gone before us, hundreds of YouTube videos and some very handy apps on our phone that make it easier.

That is all for now.

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