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WARNING – This one is LONG. I promise it reads fast though 🙂 

South Dakota was all that I hoped this RV trip would be. It was just beautiful. I loved the weather and the trees and the place we stayed and the things we did and alllll of it.

And there is so much we didn’t even explore.

During our stay, we had the chance to fully launch our YouTube channel and load 3 videos. Check them out HERE and please subscribe and comment. That helps up be able to utilize some of the things that YouTube has to offer- especially after 100 subscribers.

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After one last run with the dogs in the beautiful trails of South Dakota we packed up the RV and we set out to Yellowstone.

We didn’t make it as far as we would like on our first travel day. We got a little sidetracked by small towns like Sturgis, Spearfish and Deadwood.

So we ended up in a town called Gillette Wyoming for the night.

We were only staying one night so we decided to boondock in a Walmart parking lot. Now we have tried a Walmart parking lot before but we just couldn’t do it.  This Walmart was really no different except they were adding on additional stores off to the side and that very large parking lot was vacant – which made it perfect for RV parkin.   It was open seating.

Well until we drove up.

And parked

Then about 7 other RV’s showed up!

It was an RV party!

If you watched the video on how our RV is set up we didn’t have the girls bed out so we decided that Jeff would hang out on the couch all night

The couch is the official boon-docking post for Jeff. It is in the middle of the RV and he can hear everything and he can sleep (locked in loaded) – just in case.


I laugh but I am super thankful he is “on guard”.

Cuz there is some wickity wack people out there.

That means ALL THREE of us girls were in my bed

Holy hot mess!

I won’t do that again.

I was on one side and Jaycee was on the other and Jaz….. in the middle.

Jasmyn is a wild animal and poor Jaycee and I dodged arms and legs all night.

And then about 3:15 am I hear the generator start to sputter

And sputter

And sputter

Then kaput!

You have got to be kidding me.

The RV lost ALL power.

This means no fan noise and no refrigerator and no water and


I could hear Jeff moving about and I was so hoping it was an easy fix


When I heard him sigh really load about 45 minutes later. I knew.

But I still stayed in bed.

I would help him deal with it in the morning.

That said, I was still sleeping with a pack animal.

Now with no fan noise.


Around 6:30 am I decided to get up in our FREEZING RV only to hear Jeff say “we have no battery, WE cant do anything or go anywhere”

To help you understand – the generator ran out of gas – which helps charge the battery – without the generator the battery went dead. This means we cannot pull the slides in to the RV, we can’t unhook the truck because we can put down the landing gear – so basically we are completely stuck.

To further help you understand – we carry extra gas in an extra tank but the pump to get the gas to the generator is…….. you guessed it….. ran by electricity!

And it’s a Saturday

Even IF you can find an RV tech – they are overworked and pissy-pants because they don’t really like working on a Saturday or maybe they just are that way just because but mostly you can’t even find one.

Once again, we called everywhere.

The other problem is something is still not right with the battery. It should not have been that dead.

Is our battery bad, is it a fuse, is it the converter, the inverter ?????


We were really frustrated.

I finally found an rv tech online.

It was kind of like a dating site but for RV techs.

I’m serious!

He wasn’t even that cute tho

And he was still pissy-pants

But at least he helped us realize a few things that could be wrong.

First issue –  Why wasn’t our truck charging the battery?  We thought our truck was supposed to be relaying a charge to help the battery charge while we were in tow.

Come to find out – we didn’t even have that part. We needed a relay switch.

Geeze Louise.

So Jeff hit the pavement to the O’reily’s, Advanced Auto and Auto Zone that just so happened to be all within walking distance

(Thank you God!)


NONE of them had the part we needed.

Apparently, it is a magical part put out by magical beings that go in hiding during full moons.

Uhm okay.

So next thing –  we go to Walmart and purchase a thingy to jump the battery so we can at least pull the slides in and drive somewhere – anywhere!

At this point it was 1pm and it was hot and we were hungry and over it.

Good thing we just so happened to be in a Walmart Parking lot……. (hah)

So We got a “thingy”

And it lit the battery just enough so we could turn on the generator and generator would allow us to get those slides in and we could GO!

Where are we going?


So at this point we know we need the relay for the truck AND we are sure something is still not right with the converter either.

Remember the part we had a problem with when we were in Kansas?? – yeah that was the INVERTER. Or we thought- till we found a fuse that was blown.

Now we are thinking something is up with the CONverter.

I know. I know.  Just try to keep up.

So I called a Ford service center in Gillete and talk to my new frand……. Helen.

Helen said the service guys all went home for the day and they are the only ones who could help me with a part.

Of course they did

But then Helen said – Try Napa Auto parts!

Okay. I do that

I then called EVERETTE! Everett works at the Napa Auto Parts in Gillete Wyoming and bless his heart he did everything he could to help me figure out this part for the truck.

Now, just so we are clear, I DID bribe Everett.

I told him if he was able to help me find this part I would give him a big hug!

If I am offering hugs- I have hit a new level of desperate folks!

Everett had us drive over to NAPA and see what he could do.


So now I had to pay up!

I am pretty sure he squeezed me to death.

We also changed the fuses around the CONverter just to be safe.

It is almost 4pm at this point but we were back on the road

Well not quite, we had to eat first, we were STARVING.

Back on the road by 4:30pm with big plans to make it to Worland, Wyoming

That is half way to Yellowstone from where we were.

And nope again

We were just all too tired.

So we found an RV site to set up for the night in Buffalo Wyoming.

Here we can hook up to a power source- charge the battery fully and then also see if the parts we added and changed were going to help the battery HOLD that charge.

There ya go!

This is us!

At the end of the day, Jeff and I sat down and both looked at each other with our famous WTH just happened look and laughed. We both decided that as exhausting and frustrating as this day was – we STILL wouldn’t go back!

My heart was still full.

We were still safe

And we were still together.

The girls and dogs were TRUE mvp’s. They had to wait and wait and wait all day.

All this said, we are fully aware that it can always be worse and through each hurdle we have learned so much and have been able to meet some really helpful people.

In the next email – I will tell you about Yellowstone and if the battery is holding a charge finally.

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