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I am Jami J. Miller, and I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

That is a REALLLLLLY long title to say that I help women, especially women who like to do it all, feel amazing again. Like, really amazing. I am a hormone regulator and energy expert that does what your doctor won’t do, doesn’t have time to do and was never taught in med school to do.

If you want to get rid of fatigue, gut issues, hormones struggles without medication and brilliantly float through menopause without missing a beat….. I am your girl.

If you want straight answers from the best diagnostic testing tools available to get the REAL reason you feel like crap….. I am your girl

If you want to lose weight, feel great and enjoy life more….. I am your girl.

Most importantly If you want to do all of this naturally without medications or synthetic hormones……. I am your girl.

What makes me so qualified?

  • Graduated with honors in Kinesiology
  • 20 years experience with over 15 certifications in women’s Functional Nutrition, Health and Fitness
  • Advanced Certification as an FDN-P
  • Advanced Certification in Herbs and Natural Supplementation
  • Worked with hundreds of women all over the world
In my practice, I bust down the old western medical system walls and get to the heart of why you are feeling “like a turtle in quicksand” and then take out all the guesswork/overwhelm to help you build your health back up to a place where you will be able to do all the things while aging gracefully into the future.

We Will Address….


what do you eat, how do you know what dies is right for you, why your food is causing inflammation in your body


why can’t you sleep? How to get great sleep


what hidden things in your life that are causing you stress? How do you get rid of those things


what exercises should you be doing? How often should you be moving your body?


Are you taking what you need when you need it? How do you support your entire health with just a few supplements?
ALL of this while we are TESTING, not guessing. Yes, real lab work that you can do from the privacy of your own home.

Mind blowing right?

Look….. Here is the deal. You have been lied to…. a lot. Getting older does not mean you get fatter, slower, sadder, madder with no sense of the woman you used to be.

Girl, you aint old…. You is TOXIC

and that can not be fixed in a medical care system that is designed to keep you toxic.

Let’s do this dang thang the right way…

Lets chat now….

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