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Knowledge is Power!

ASK! I love questions. That said, the best way to get a response is to give me as much detail as possible so I can answer your questions adequately. I reserve a certain amount of time to answering Q’s in my inbox and I want to have time for yours. If you have specific questions about your health symptoms please schedule a FREE 20-minute call here. These free calls will not always be available or free so take advantage of this opportunity. Talk soon!

Hi! It’s me, Jami!

That is the same person! Months apart! Yep. It’s me. I could post about how much weight I lost or my dress size but that means NOTHING in the healing game..

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My Husband’s Story

I would like to share a story with you. For many years I have struggled with being an under-weight skinny guy. I graduated High School weighing 125 pounds. For many…

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What NOT to eat for Thyroid health

Avoid Unhealthy Foods for Your Thyroid Millions of people suffer from common forms of thyroid conditions. Women are more likely than men to develop some…

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